A Generic Multi-Agent Framework for Medical-Image Segmentation


Medical images offer visual representations of human bodies’ complex internal structures. One of the most common process applied to those images is segmentation. It consists in dividing an image into a set of regions of interest. Human anatomical complexity and medical image acquisition methods make the segmentation of medical images very complex. Several solutions (algorithms and devices) have thus been proposed to automatize this process. However, most existing solutions were developed for one type of images and/or require several inputs of the user. In this demo, we propose a generic multi-agent framework for medical image segmentation. This framework is based on a set of autonomous and interactive agents that use a modified region growing algorithm and cooperate to segment the images. Experiments were performed on brain MRI simulated images and the obtained results are promising.

Proceedings of the Demonstrations Track of PRIMA 2017,CEUR Workshop Proceedings vol 2056. CEUR